Marketplace [P3]

“Apps transform cellphone users into citizen scientists”

I see no issues with people taking pictures and uploading them onto a database with notes attached.  If anything, it seems as though this would be really helpful.  It’s basically user-generated, free labor and research.  It’s not exactly my thing, but hey.

“On Facebook, you’re for sale”

This, however, annoys me to no end.  First they get you to sign up for free, lock you and your entire family and all your friends in, then they do stuff like this, and make me want to scream.  Basically this allows spammers to pay to send you information, ads, whatever.  I understand how this can be useful for ad agencies and marketers, but it’s unfair to use their users to promote their products just because they liked a page.  It’s unfair, and it makes me want to delete Facebook all together.  A couple of months ago, my boyfriend asked me, “So you like Subway that much huh?”  Because apparently Subway was advertising to my friends on Facebook since apparently at one point, I had perhaps liked their page.  How embarrassing.

“Facebook’s Photo Sync, Verizon’s new patent, and the government’s Death Star”

This was equally annoying.  “Photo Sync” keeps all your photos.  Verizon’s new patent wants to watch you in your own home, via your cable box.  I’ve heard of something like this before, and it hasn’t happened yet.  But I can’t stand them for trying.  For example, if you’re fighting with your spouse, they’ll show you marriage counseling ads.  Rude!  Also, a bunch of people signed a petition for the government to create a “Death Star” so we can blow up other planets.  I’m speechless, honestly.

“Texting turns 20, U.N. group begins talks over Internet control”

Texting is now 20-years-old.  It was created 8 years earlier by someone who didn’t patent it.  Big mistake, buddy.  I guess I don’t have an issue with texting, not a serious one anyway.  I do kind of wish it didn’t exist sometimes, or that it was still expensive to text.  I remember when texting my high school boyfriend gave me a $700 phone bill.  If it still did, there is no way on God’s green Earth I would text anyone unless it was a dire emergency.  It’s so easy and cheap now that everyone does it.  No one calls anymore.  It’s impersonal, and allows people to be anti-social.  And of course, the government wants to control the Internet.  Yawn.  Before we know it, like most technological advances, it will be taxed, controlled, and filtered.

“Shutting off the Internet in Syria, resisting the smartphone craze, and celebrating Pong at 40”

The Syrian government is being blamed for shutting the Internet off for the entire country.  Thankfully, the US has yet to monopolize that industry, so we’ll be OK unless hackers do it anyway, which is a strong possibility.  Either way, Americans have different providers, so we won’t all be out at once… Probably ever.  I wish more people would resist buying a smartphone.  I wish I never started.  It’s kind of taking over my life, and the lives of everyone I know.  I’m spending my 20s looking down at a little glass screen, and so is everyone else.  And people are celebrating the birthday of the original video game — Pong.  That doesn’t bother me at all.

“The growing art of data dodging”

Of course there’s always vultures when things are hurting — that’s nature.  But in this case, that may not be a bad thing.  While we try to keep our online lives private, the big companies are trying to sell us, all of us, including our information, comments, and pictures.  Now the vultures are stepping in and trying to save us, at a cost, of course.  This is called “data dodging” and the four-year-old company Ghostery allows us to do just that.  Also for a fee, DeleteMe will remove your online information.  Thanks, guys!

By anabhani

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