Evolving Creativity? [P5]

The Internet has allowed its users to create another world.

The BBC article made a good point by saying that the 90s let you read, but now we’re in a read/write mode.  Most of what you see on the Internet is user-generated.  It’s free labor.  It’s an exchange of knowledge, of art, of creativity.  It’s (almost) free advertising, too.  On almost any article you read on the Internet, you can comment.  Heck, for the Huffington Post, you can write articles!  You can be a “published” author for free!  While your ideas are getting out there, you’re not making a dime, but the company is.  Either way, it seems as though most people don’t care, because they continue to contribute.

It goes to show you that most of us feel the need to be heard, no matter by whom or how.  We want our opinions out there.  We want strangers to watch our YouTube videos, and like our Instagram pictures.  Who cares if they’re filtered?  Now I’m an artist and a photographer, all because I can Instagram!  In a way I feel as though the Internet nourishes our creativity, and allows us to evolve, but on another hand I feel as though it’s trapped us in this endless cycle of “watch, like, post, repeat” in which we’re not really creating anything at all.  But I guess it’s better than watching TV.

Another thing to note about evolving creativity is when it comes to the microbial video games.  I don’t get this.  I don’t understand why it’s interesting to play a game with living organisms on the computer.  If you want to play with living organisms, go play with living organisms.  It just doesn’t make sense to me, and is another reason why I’m not sold on the fact that we’re necessarily evolving our creativity.  Hence, the question mark.

By anabhani

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