Individual Thoughts on Media & Technology [P7]

Technology, media, information, communications, science, art, culture

Here are my definitions of what these words mean:

  • technology: anything that has been created by man in order to make life easier and/or more progressive
  • media: any form of a broad means of communication, such as television, the Internet, and/or newspapers
  • information: knowledge made to help one understand a subject better
  • communications: the subject of communicating, or delivering information from one party to another
  • science: a man made set of information and guidelines about nature humans use to explain phenomena 
  • art: a form of self-expression
  • culture: a society’s rules and traditions 

As a society, we consider technology things such as iPhones, elevators, or nuclear energy.  Often technology is helpful, but its use can be questionable.  In my daily life, technology is a life-saver.  As we deal with this awful heatwave, I would probably lose my mind if it weren’t for air conditioning.  

Media in a broad sense can dominate a society.  It can teach them the values the media-controllers believe.  Because media can be entertaining, it is all too easy for this to happen, and it happens everyday.  In my daily life, I do look at media as a positive thing.  I’m able to do a lot of things I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do without it.

In terms of society, information can be a very helpful tool.  People from different societies can learn from each other with new and improved information.  In my daily life as well, I appreciate information, and want as much of it as I can get!

The term communications from a societal standpoint can be the means in which large groups of people can communicate.  In my life, communications means the phone, the Internet, and advertisements I see every single day!

Science is important because it’s the universal language of society.  Every country, every inventor, every doctor, must learn the basics of science in order to achieve or create.  To me, science is interesting, although not my strong suit.  It’s too intricate and requires far too much time to fully understand.  Although at one point, I did major in Biology and want to become a doctor… :/

Art is another hard-to-define term.  As far as society goes, it could mean music, paintings, sculptures, etc. yet has no real meaning.  People often misuse the term art.  This graffiti?  This is art.  This dead bird?  Art.  So it’s really in the eye of the beholder.  I would personally define it as a means of self-expression… Whatever that means.

A society’s culture is what makes them specific to them.  Let me explain.  In American culture for instance, it is understood that you hold the door for someone who is behind you, to which that person would usually show gratitude, and that would be the end of that.  In Persian culture, this entire exchange is defined by the term ‘tarof’ which is hard to literally define in English, but basically it is the exchange of pleasantries, to which the most polite is a “winner” of sorts.  The person holding the door would instead be met by someone who took the door from them, and exclaimed, “No you first!  It is my pleasure!  No really, you go first!”  It’s odd to us as Americans that a simple exchange of politeness would have an entire term and definition, but that’s just a cultural difference between us.

By anabhani

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