My Techie Future [P9]

I wake up, but I’m not ready to take on my day without a cup of coffee, so I text the coffee machine from my phone so it’ll start brewing.  This new technology has made it so that you don’t have to fill up the coffee machine the night before and set it to a timer.  No, this technology does the work for you.  These new coffee machines have a week’s supply of coffee beans stored within them.  Worried about freshness?  Don’t be!  The coffee is made up of beans, and what do you know, the machine has a grinder.  So every cup of coffee is fresh!  The water is connected through your home’s water supply, so that’s something you never have to worry about.  This new digital coffee maker is linked via WiFi to your cell phone, which allows it to receive texts.  It texts you when you’re out of coffee so you can pick some up on your way home from work, without having to come home and see that some old-fashioned light is on warning you that you’re low on coffee.

I can get ready in the morning with ease knowing that my coffee’s been made.  What a time saver!  My phone rings while I’m brushing my teeth, and it’s my best friend.  I answer, and she pops up right in front of me, as a hologram.  She wanted to show me her new hair like in the old days when we used FaceTime to get an accurate 3-D view of her whole head.  Except now, it’s like she’s right in front of me.  No lag, no choppiness.  There she is, new haircut and all!

What I love most about these holograms is that I might never have to go to a concert again!  YouTube is all I need as far as live performances.  The band just pops up right in front of me, and it may as well be me crowd surfing an AC/DC concert in Donington in the early 90s!  Angus Young duck walks across my living room floor, and I can pretty much smell his sweat filling up the room.  What’s annoying is definitely the new law banning holograms in public.  I guess they can’t control what a select few weirdos want to watch on public transportation.  The good news is that I read an article about these new soundproof cubbies in all buses and trains.  It’s already begun in Japan, but we’re always last to the punch!

By anabhani

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