My iPhone, My Life [P10]

Out of all the media technologies out there, the most interesting to me is the iPhone.  Bless those inventive enough to have thought of such a thing.  To have your phonebook, music, the Internet, and basically everything else is one place, on such a tiny device that’s with you all the time, is pretty ingenious.  

But there’s so much I don’t know.  For example, who really came up with the idea?  Was it a team?  Was it just one genius?  If so, does he or she really get the credit for it?  To be honest, I still don’t understand how gigabytes work.  I know that mine has 32, though.  I know it stores more stuff… but where does it all go?  Is there some enormously large database somewhere, secretly storing my every word and picture?  My bank information that I so easily type in every single day?  That’s a scary thought.

The iPhone doesn’t just relate to my life, it is my life.  I check my balance on it.  I talk to my friends and family on it.  I tell them personal information and details about everything via text message sometimes.  I take pictures.  I check into places that I go with it.  I make to-do lists on it.  I get coupons from it.  I search for things on the internet on it.  I read e-mails, I look for jobs, I look at other people’s social media as well as my own.  What don’t I do on it?  I can’t shower with it.  I can’t drive with it.  But it definitely can come to the bathroom with me.  It can play music for me while I’m in the shower, and it certainly comes with me in the car and keeps me company while I drive.

I’m not sure that my iPhone will be a big part of my professional ambitions other than the fact that I can check e-mails and communicate with my co-workers on it.  I definitely use LinkedIn, and I search for other jobs using Safari on it.  But I assume that if I’m ever in a bind, as long as my iPhone is with me and charged, ready to go, that it will serve as my very own personal assistant.

By anabhani

One comment on “My iPhone, My Life [P10]

  1. The questions you have about the iPhone I have never thought about before, but now I am too interested in the gigabytes and where everything is stored on such a tiny device. I feel like everyone who has a iPhone has their lives trusted into this device. I also wanted to share with you that you now can shower or go for a swim with your iPhone! There is a case called Life Proof and it allows you to take it underwater or drop it in toilets (which I have done before) it costs about $90 and has a one year guarantee! You can see I’m a little obsessed with my phone because I of course bought one when I purchased my iPhone 5.

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