TECHlab: Electricity & Wireless [P12]

Now I know why this post is to be titled, “TECHlab” — because it was downright technical!

Although I do appreciate a good dose of history, much of the information in this week’s session was full of technical information.  I learned about the powers of ten, and how they’re used in large scientific calculations.  Of course, I learned that years ago, but I was never quite sure why, until now.  I also learned about the use of metric prefixes… I thought we didn’t use the metric system?  However, it seems as though we should, since everyone else does.  It would make things a lot simpler, don’t you think?

On to the history, though, I enjoyed reading about Marconi, whom I also learned about in my intro to radio courses.  What I liked about the E&E reading, however, was that it included a timeline.  I love a good timeline.  What I found interesting about it was that as children, we’re taught that Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity.  But alas, he did not.  While he did play a large part in conducting studies in the mid-1700s, those studies began long before he ever even existed — in the 1500s, and in England, not the US.  But we just love to take credit for stuff, don’t we?  🙂

By anabhani

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