TECHlab: DIY [P14]

Initially, I’d headed over to, and chose to make a light box. Apparently a light box is, or some version of it, is what a photographer would use to… Take a pretty picture? I don’t know. Either way, mine came out terribly. So instead, I decided to try out! A much better choice (for me anyway).

Today we’re going to make a credit card iPhone stand! This tutorial is unbelievably easy to follow, and lucky for me, it’s technology-based!

Step one:

Find an old credit card or one of those supermarket discount cards, since like the website says, no one hardly uses those.

Here’s mine:


I chose to use a now-defunct Forever 21 gift card. The thickness is about the same as a typical credit or savings card.

Step two:

Fold the card in half.


Ta-da! Sorry for the cropped image. I haven’t had a manicure in weeks.

Step three:

This is where it gets wild. With a scissor, cut the folded card like you would if you were making a Valentine out of construction paper in second grade. Like so…

TECHlab - Step 3

Bye bye, old card.

Step four:

Hello, iPhone stand!

TECHlab - Step 4

Or in this case, highlighter stand.

TECHlab - Final

How do you think I’m taking these pictures?

It was definitely not the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, making this iPhone stand, but cutting weird shapes out of credit cards can be dangerous! Overall, this was a fun little DIY experiment… And went much more smoothly than my silly light box.

For the record, it does actually hold my iPhone!

By anabhani

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