TECHlab: The Internet & WWW [P15]

The Internet is defined as an international computer network that provides communication and information across a system of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.

To most people, however, it is the endless encyclopedia of any and everything anyone’s ever wanted to know, as well as the tool in which we use to communicate almost everything. It’s beyond relevant to us in so many ways, but the most important of which is convenience. Obviously society existed before the Internet. But our culture, society, social, and personal lives are now heavily dependent on it and forever altered because of it.

Research began in the 1960s, as a way to connect computers. Within 10 years, researchers managed to connect 15 computer networks. By the 80s, the Internet was born. The concept of globally connecting computers to each other was actually taking flight.

It’s beneficial in countless ways, but in my small, personal little life, it’s helped me learn things I’d otherwise probably not know. It’s helped me connect to other people, including family, friends, and even friendly strangers. It provides entertainment. Creativity. Convenience. Communication. Connections.

The tradeoffs, though, are starting to become apparent already. I actually worry for the future of the world because of what all of this convenience and faux-interaction has instilled in the next generation — the generation who will never know what life was like, everyday, without the almighty Internet.

I do remember what the world was like before the Internet was so readily available in all of our daily lives. It was slower, but in a way, it seemed more valuable. Maybe it’s because I was younger, and when you’re younger, every new experience seems as though it’s taken place over the course of a lifetime, but I believe there’s value in a lack of convenience… As long as we’re all on the same page. The problem with technology now is that there’s no turning back. Even if I wanted to get rid of my smartphone, and ignore the Internet for a while, I would be the one left in the dark. Because now the use of all of this technology is commonplace. It’s as common as turning on a light switch when you enter a room. If you walked into rooms without turning on the light switch each time, people would probably wonder why you’re choosing to bump around in the darkness. It’s the same if you try to turn back time with all of this technology, like the Internet. You’ll be the one bumping around in the dark while everyone points and stares.

By anabhani

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